Time Watch

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Effect: The performer removes his wrist watch and asks a spectator to examine it. It is a normal quartz watch. The spectator is allowed to check and set at any time to test. And then the performer states that he will make an impossible prediction.

Retrieving the watch, the performer sets the watch at a specific time he predicted. A spectator is asked to hold the watch by the band, back to himself. The performer asks him to think back when he ate breakfast today, or a specific time of any other event (such as 7:12). Then the watch is turned over to the spectator himself... It is actually 7:12 which had been set by the performer before any numbers were given! Unbelievable!

- Absolutely NO FORCE
Any time can be predicted
- The effect can be immediately repeated
- You can absolutely predict the exact time with no fumbling, no tipping of the watch, no funny moves, etc. 
- The Remote Control System allows you to arrive at the chosen time with complete confidence and speed.
- High quality quartz wrist watch that can be worn and used daily

An incredible ice-breaker; can be used in walk-around situations; trade-show work, etc. A highly prized effect guarded and used by well know mentalists the world over.

Comes with a watch, a back cover driver, a remote control, an Android usb charger and video instruction.



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