RexIgnis by ParaLabs

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Imagine you step up to the table in the restaurant, take the candle on it and put it in front of you. You tell your viewers that it is possible to focus the thoughts so much that you no longer even feel the heat of a candle flame.
To demonstrate this, first ask a spectator to hold his hand over the candle flame to feel the heat of the fire. After he's convinced of that, have your hands checked. To make sure that your hands are empty and you haven't hidden anything up your sleeve, roll up your sleeves (you really have nothing to hide).

You pause for a moment, focus your thoughts and slowly, a little hesitant at first, start to hold your hand over the candle. After a short moment you don't seem to mind holding your outstretched hand over the candle flame.
After a while, remove your hand from the candle and show your viewers that it is unharmed.

Now ask the viewer to focus his thoughts as well. He should imagine that he can control his feelings in such a way that he will have no feeling for the heat of the candle. For example, he should imagine how a thick layer of ice covers his hands. When he's ready, take his hand and hold it over the flame for a moment, he won't really feel a thing!

Let go of the viewer's hand and blow out the candle, if you like, you can hand it over to the viewer as a souvenir.

Read the facts again here:

- Short-sleeved (if you like, even in swimming trunks)
- No dexterity necessary
- Noiseless
- The candle can be borrowed
- It is a real candle
- The spectator can also
- Your hands are actually empty
- Can also be shown with lighters or matches
- Ready for demonstration within 5 seconds
- You do not need a table
- The candle can also be held in the hand

You receive the ingenious aid from the laboratory of ParaLabs, which makes this miracle possible. You will also receive a link to a detailed video tutorial in German. Rainer Mees will explain all the details and give you valuable tips for an effective presentation.



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