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Every one of our viewers has already received and written postcards in his or her life, usually with kind greetings from faraway countries. Mostly the postcards are very visual, often also varied and lively, but above all they are known to everyone.

With the PLF Postcard Stack you now have the possibility to read the thoughts of your viewers in the easiest way. It is simply fun not to have to introduce a foreign prop, but to be able to work with an everyday object, in addition there are many details on most postcards to place different readings.

Since the PLF Postcards are very similar to the PLF Picturecards, there is no need to learn another stack. You just have to get used to the detailed pictures to enjoy the added value in reading the thoughts of the audience.

You will receive 2 x 50 postcards, a German instruction for learning the stack and a routine for the stage and CloseUp.


Jul 24, 2013


10,5 x 14,8 cm



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