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Actually it is a wallet that allows you to find out a secret piece of information in the most natural and unsuspicious way imaginable (from our point of view).

Common peek-wallets, there are certainly a dime a dozen, but none of them actually satisfied our claims. All had one thing in common though: you have to insert the billet or business card (or whatever is used to record information) back into the wallet. 

Now, we always thought that it is strange to safeguard a drawing or writing that a participant secretely created of all things in OUR wallet. Would we (as participants) appreciate something like this? Yes, we know that many performers work like this all the time an feel comfortable with this - but we never appreciated such a handling in our own performances.

So we created a wallet that avoids this necessity completely - but allows us to get our informations guaranteed nevertheless.
You no longer need to insert a billet or business card (or whatever is used to record information) back into the wallet.

Plus using the ParaNormal Wallet the actual Peek occures much later, at a time that you choose, in an absolute offbeat. 

And actually this is only one of the many possibilities to peek, because there are a few other variations, for example coming from Colin McLeod. 


Features of the ParaNormal Wallet Set                       

- Wallet made ​​of genuine leather
- Handmade by the exclusive manufacture Picard Germany  
- Envelope gimmick 
- Special pen with erase function 
- Post-it notes

There are different wallet packages available:

The standard package includes the items as noted above.
Optional you can add a business card sized gimmick, to prepare your personal business card.
And last not least you can add a ParaPen Constuction Kit for a special discount price to your order.This is highly recommended as you will never have to get yourself new gimmicked pens using this kit. You can prepare a new pen within less than a minute using the ParaPen Construction Kit.


Jan 27, 2015

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