ParaWave PRO

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While the Ghost Whisperer is already one of the strongest props in the hands of a mentalist, the ParaLabs have now made this system even more incredible and versatile. Sounds funny, but it is. The Ghost Whisperer PRO works wirelessly and is connected to the necessary accessory device via Bluetooth.

We are sure you already own this additional device. You no longer need to wire yourself up or grab your pocket unnoticed to start the system. With a little practice it is even possible to present the effect in a T-shirt.

Ghost Whisperer PRO is capable of delivering messages quickly and conveniently. But also to give you the opportunity to send a message to uninitiated viewers - under seemingly impossible circumstances. Ghost Whisperer PRO is a compact and effective prop, which makes the most incredible effects possible!

Messages, words, sounds or noises that seem to echo out of nowhere in the mind of your participant - an experience that will move the participants for a long time to come. Is it spheric sounds or voices from beyond? Or are it really the thoughts of the mental magician that penetrate the mind of his counterpart? Decide for yourself - the presentation possibilities are endless! It is entirely up to you what the contributor should "perceive". Whether it is concrete instructions or the soundscape of a "memory": the participant (and ONLY he) will receive in his head those perceptions that YOU have intended for him.

Unobtrusive and easy to use, in the most diverse situations of daily life. Whether on stage, on the floor or even close-up, Ghost Whisperer PRO fulfils all your wishes that would otherwise have remained unfulfilled dreams...

With German manual and basic routine!

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