Depicting Thoughts - ParaLabs

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This is what you get for your money:

  • The book ‘Depicting Thoughts’
  • An additional booklet ‘Mnemonic Leafs’ (both printed in full color)
  •  Two decks of PLF Picturecards (with special satin surface, useful for some effects)
  • Each deck comes with cardboard box inside special plastic box
  • A bookmark with the card images printed on both sides – one side with their mnemonic numbers and the other side without
  • A postcard showing the card images in random order (both this and the bookmark  can be used as memory aids – and in the latter case, in one of the effects)
  • Five replacement/special cards for three of the images in the stack
  • Free software (either as a download or as an online version which can be accessed at the ParaLabs website)  
  • Additionally, you can also have your name added to the 'LCP List' (Local Contact Person of the ParaLabs Institute) which will then appear on the ParaLabs website to give you even more credibility if you wish, and which also gives you the complete ParaLabs background story as well
  • Finally, you get access to the ParaLabs forum. While mainly in German, if you ask a question in English you will get an answer in English. There is an area of the board dealing with the Picturecard stack and areas covering the development of new effects



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